About Creator


Michael Benjamin Adebisi Kehinde Adedeji was born in Delaware and spent the better part of 12 years there until in ’08 he moved to Kennesaw, Georgia for his formative years. His love of art began started when he was a child and he had taught himself how to draw. Later, with that skill under his belt, he had an affinity for singing –so he taught himself how to sing. In his sophomore year of high school, he joined Theatre Troup #7459 and a year later was inducted into the Thespian Honors Society.

After spending 3 years Acting, he took an interest in writing and directing. He desires
to be a jack of all trades, with multiple specializations. Naturally, he started with directing and debuted a friend’s script for a 10-Minute Play Festival at Georgia Southern University –successfully pulling 14 actors together to perform and make some actors stage debut begin here. With acting, singing, drawing, and now directing under his belt. He was prepared for anything. After a full year and a half at Georgia Southern, majoring in Business and Theatre, he transferred to Georgia State University where he took his last Theater Class in African-American Theatre History. Where he met his mentor, Dr. Shirlene Holmes, an accomplished playwright who taught him how to write for the stage and eventually the screen. With his mentor’s guidance and his determined nature, he networked with many at Georgia State and built a rapport with their Creative Media Program.

Faced with an ultimatum at Georgia State, he presumptuously dropped his Theatre Major and kept his Business Major for the administrative side of the Entertainment Industry. Michael, then, went on to meet many people who would help him get his start in screenwriting, like Executive Producer of the Walking Dead, Tom Luse. Whom, he thanks for challenging him with the realities of screenwriting in the entertainment industry.

He later graduated in December of 2019 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and simultaneously applied for membership with the Organization of Black Screenwriters. In 2020 on Black History Month, he joined the organization and became a moderator for his very own Writer’s Group entitled ATLANTA FX. After a bizarre year, Michael then took on some side gigs as a writer and consulting producer on some collaborations. Currently, Michael works on the other side of Television in the Advertising space with Ampersand TV. He found this role randomly scrolling through TikTok -well actually he was on TikTok saw a forum for Black college grads and students to join this initiative to increase the presence of them in the Ad and Marketing space, spent 2 weeks in a Cohort and 6 weeks interviewing and landed a role at this company. But, it’s funny to say he got his opportunity by way of TikTok.

In his time at the Organization of Black Screenwriters, Michael found community with his writer’s group, ventured off to search for other Tribes and found himself in a plethora of communities where people who, just like him, are hungry and ready to get their foot in the door. He’s submitted to the Paramount Writer’s Program, placed in Mentorship Matters Semifinals, placed in SuperSpecial’s TRIBE, submitted to BlackBoyWrites, WarnerBros TV Fellowship and more. He’s constantly taking chances and working on being the best writer he can be. While priming himself to be an executive in the Entertainment Industry.

The World Rumble Company

In hopes of creating a banner that all his creations fall under, Michael created the World Rumble Company (dubbed WRCo.) in 2008, at 12, he thought how could this be real? Well, anything is real when you first believe in it, then he began writing and drawing things that made up this company. And fast-forward to 12 years later, in June 2020, he filed for the LLC, and The World Rumble Company was born again. Here are all of the written projects that are set to launch or have launched under the company/ these works are copywritten:

  • Halfrican
  • The Legend of Aparna
  • Moira’s Interlude (Festival Submission)
  • Oberlin Falls (Festival Submission)
  • Festival of Blood
  • Valconhonica
  • Plastic Moon (Semifinalist in TRIBE)
  • KoreATL (searching for co-writer)
  • Shaft X
  • The Saint
  • Liminal
  • Entropy
  • The Harrow Series (Harrow Tarot, The Harrowphant…)
  • Infinite Feelings
  • Nothing Like Water
  • The Park Collection

To request these scripts or loglines and One Sheet please contact: mailto:Wrco.777@gmail.com