About Us


From conception, World Rumble’s mission is to become a hub. We just don’t specialize in production, we plan to and will dive into Real Estate, E-Commerce, Talent Management, and more. We are here to open the gates not close them. So if we have it, then we will share with you. Because when the little guy wins, we win. As we continue to grow, more opportunities will arise and we will use our platform to build a table that everyone can have a seat at. Then, when ready, everyone will be able to build and serve their own.

Our Work

At this moment, there is only a select few of us creating content. We currently are making short films, consulting, and writing. Mostly, we have content to share in hopes that when we have more resources, we can create the art we want to see in the world.

Disclaimer: These are old drafts. They are for perusal and entertainment. Contact me for the updated versions. Not all works are listed, to gain access to them, please request.

Developed by Michael Adedeji and T’Shauna Henry (WRCo X CreativiTEA Collab)

A short play about communication being unconsciously inevitable.

A young couple in different areas of their lives entertains an unmet goal in the relationship, leading to a passionate outcry of stress, fear, and insecurities.

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