Script Coverage

Standard Coverage for Short Screenplays and Pilots

  • I typically charge around $40 to $60 per Pilot
  • Short Screenplays can fall under this, but the charge is $25 minimum. Its preliminary work, so we don’t wanna go crazy.

Standard/Premium Coverage for Screenplays and Extensive Bodies of Work

  • This one is the kicker, if it comes down to a screenplay of 90 pages or more, this one is between $100 and $125.
  • Anything further we can negotiate and compromise. I’m happy to work with you.

Film Reviews (Short Films, Pilots, etc.) *FREE*

  • This one is fun, I get to review your work and give you constructive feedback.
  • I will also be riding you to take it further if you aim to get seen by the right people. I want you to win. (Check out the Resources tab)

Short Screenplays/ Pilots/Teleplays (10 pgs. – 60 pgs. max)

What’s Included:

  1. Edits and Annotations of Script.
  2. Full evaluation and analysis, what works and can be improved upon, highlighting core elements like characters and character breakdown, plot (includes tone, conflict, complications), pacing (structure and format), dialogue (voice, authenticity, and readability) are all factors that go into coverage
  3. Then a compiled package of comprehensive notes & feedback and your annotated script will be delivered all at a negotiated/ or standard coverage fee.

Feature Screenplays (90 pgs. or more)

  1. Same as Short Screenplays
  2. In Depth Follow up (at no additional costs) and assistance with pitch deck, treatment, and one sheet creation.
  3. Then a compiled package of notes and annotated script will be delivered all at a negotiated or standard coverage fee.

Stage Plays

  1. This one’s cost can be negotiated, it’s only out of courtesy that I review and score stage plays. I enjoy a good play and the work is different, because it more literary than writing for the screen.
  2. You get, full extensive and comprehensive coverage, minimal annotations, more on character and dialogue, continuity and detail, and lastly a conversation about the play and it’s deeper components.

Film Review

  1. Process: I review your film, we talk loglines, pitch deck, packages, festival routes, competitions, or whatever your plans are for this media.
  2. This is a way I get to connect and network with you and vice-versa. We can use this as a way to support each other. I also can help you get funding for the film by helping find those obscure film grants.
  3. Let’s help you win!

Let’s work together!