I’m A Lion


My name is Michael Adedeji and this is my first blog post ever, aside from Tumblr which is private unless you’re good at diving deep into Google. I am a creative, multi-hyphenate based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Delaware and spent half of my life there until one day my mother broke the cycle and decided for our benefit, her, my brother, and I moved to Kennesaw, Georgia and we finished out Middle and High School there.

After 1 1/2 years at Georgia Southern University, and 3 1/2 years at Georgia State University, I thought I finally found myself, until I graduated with more questions than I did answers. I went through many obstacles in school, Financial Aid, having many friends to having few, working a full year on a developing a TV Show that never even had a chance, directing two showcases and producing a stage play with my mentor, to many more peaks and many many valleys.

Things to know about me:

  • I’m an Artist. The Picasso and Kehinde Wiley kind of artist. I can draw digitally too.
  • I’m an Actor, though I prefer Directing, Writing, and Producing work too.
    • I am a Member of the Organization of Black Screenwriters
  • I can sing, just don’t ask me because I didn’t warm up yet.
  • I’m spiritually in tune with the universe. I feel things deeply.
  • I am the plug. If I find out something I will share it with whom I feel will take advantage of the opportunity.
  • I am part of the Thespian Honor’s Society and Spanish Honors Society #4Lifers
  • I surround myself with images of black people because those are the people I don’t ever want to let down. I owe my life to my ancestors and those who came before me. I’m deeply protected.
  • I am the sum total of my life’s choices.
  • I like Lions. I became one.

To Making the World Rumble

In 2008, at the age of 12, as a joke my brother and I started a fictitious company named The World Rumble Company, now it’s not a joke anymore. In June of 2020, during the pandemonium, I filed for that LLC and created the World Rumble Company. Under this I do several things, licensed for General Business and I do business as a Multi-Media Production Company. All of my works are created under that banner. In 2020, I created over 20 bodies of work. I had the time and they weren’t on the spot either, it was a slow roll getting them out of the scratch notes and idea phase. They took some time. My two first borns are HalfricanTBA and The Legend of AparnaTBA were created in 2017 and are my strongest pieces as they establish the tone of what I want to create. One day soon, after I get my industry rounds out of the way I will have these ready for a primetime/streaming network. I even manifested it on my grad cap, because that’s how much I believe in myself.

Taken by T’Shauna Henry via CreativiTEA

Currently, I am working on small projects with gainful outcomes, reworking scripts, and supporting my organization. I have been addressing my priorities and what matters to me, and I think this website will help me figure that out. For the last half of the year I have been outlining and gearing up for writing my first feature length script Curbside which is about what the year 2020 looked like for 3 young homeless men who have to face their demons before coming off the streets.

In addition to some promising things, I submitted to several Fellowships and Programs and received rejection sand pending statuses so I’m not pressed, just letting go and giving to God. If you want to read some samples of my scripts check out the tab dedicated to my work!

In closing…

I hope those who find this site come to understand my journey; that I’m on quest to meet those who want to network across and rise together. Whether you want to join the World Rumble Company, work with us, or root for us from afar I’m game. I want to win, but more importantly I want to win as a team. Issa Rae did it, Justin Simien did it, and I will do it too. No one can do this alone, and I am proof of that. I didn’t make it this far without having support –support from family, friends, mentors, and my ancestors. I do it for, but it’s also in honor of them.

One of my goals to connect with many and so add me on my socials and let’s support each other’s dreams!

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