Dog Day Afternoons: Curious Case about my Dog

For Context

Around middle of June, it was a hot summer, quiet except for the two female dogs that live on our land. Kids play outside from time to time; the vibe is slow and easy. Due to reasons I don’t recall, I didn’t particularly leave the house. I was busy. I believe I was writing for the Disney Fellowship or something that had come up and needed to submit to its deadline. Both dogs came up pregnant, living as sister-wives, and definitely at the wrong time.

For context…we have a German Shepherd, named Casey, who likes to gallivant the streets whenever and we had a Staffordshire Pit in the back named Bella, who was restrained to a tree. Now, this is not by my choosing, I’m a tenant, so I’m not responsible for nothing. I would check on the dogs from time to time, make sure they ate, had water and we’re cared for. All of us on my side of the house would check in on them. One day, prior to this moment in June, we learned that Casey was pregnant. Poor thing upped and got herself into this roaming around the neighborhood. Or the dog came to us, we actually have no idea. It was random. We were down at my landlord’s house talking mess and carrying along during a heatwave when she came to us looking for food. Her owner, who was present checked her teat and said, “Yup, she’s pregnant.” We carried along laughing about it, but were not prepared for what came next.

A few days go by and we learn that Bella, is also pregnant. We don’t know how it happened, but–actually of course we know how it happened. She was restrained, chained, and living outside by a tree. She couldn’t go anywhere, so the assailant came, did the job, and bounced. At this moment, we just had to make sure both dogs were comfortable. Not knowing when these incidences occurred did not help us prepare for when they were due. It had actually been a while from the moment of discovery.

While I was locked away, slaving away on my scripts, Casey had somehow given birth outside on the lawn and only 3 puppies survived. I got a call about it and came to see the results. I looked at those puppies like they were aliens. We had no idea who the father was. They were adorable. She was set up in a Salon in the back so they could be safe. Now we had to turn our attention to Bella. We had a soft spot for her, she was to actually have my roommate, Dwayne’s, Blue Nose Pitbull, Debo’s puppies, but it never stuck. We believe it was because she was too young at the time. Who knows. Dwayne had taken off to Florida for the first or second time that month, so it was just my brother and I. We had Bella safely in our dining room, pregnant as hell, and doing our best to ensure she was comfortable. It was a Saturday night, I said she’ll most likely deliver the next day. I was up at 3 in the morning because I heard movement and was looking for scissors. I just have this thing about things being the right place and not moved from them. So, my brother and I walked around looking and Bella was up. Now, this is where things got weird. I knew Bella was in labor, deep down, but because she kept trying to move something, I was aggravated and told her to go to bed. We stopped looking for the scissors and I went to bed. We shut it down.

I woke up at 8 in the morning. To check on Bella, I was so tired last night that I completely forgot she could have given birth last we saw her. I heard puppies. I walked into a devastated dining room and saw a destroyed box, sombrero, blood, and blankets sprawled out. She had 4 puppies at that time. She was anxious. I called my mom, she told me because we left her alone, that is why she is erratic. I got my gloves on and woke up my brother, we got to work. Cleaning moving, and feeding. We were on a mission to make sure the next delivery was smooth and not stressful. I called her owner, he came over (he lives next door, our homes are attached) he came home from Lowes and his family too. We moved her to his side of the house. We shouldn’t have, but we had to. Bella had eventually given birth to 7 puppies, only 6 survived. In total two Mommy-brained dogs, and 9 puppies. We later saw similar features in 3 puppies and concluded there was a Rottweiler who roamed the hood and came by for a drop-off. Today, that is definitely true. 9 puppies, 3 German Shepherd Rottweiler mix, and 6 Rotti-Pitbulls.

Father’s Day

Enter my soon to be dog. After some time had passed, we had Bella and Casey living next door to one another in the back salon. Casey was attached by a loose Bella (they often fought) and Dwayne and I took Casey to the hospital. This was a week before Father’s Day. Bella was on lockdown. We couldn’t believe she would do that (actually yes we did). I would check on Casey and her puppies over the course of a week, makin sure she was okay and she would do her business, with a limp, and go back inside. I went outside when I saw her cone-head, limping, behind hobble to the woods. I went around the side of the house where trees stretch towards to backyard and found her. I heard rustling in the bushed and saw an orange dog running away. He leapt like an Olympic Gold Medalist. I called Casey’s owner and asked if he’s seen that dog before. He told me “yes, he’s been trying to catch him.” I though nothing else of it.

Fast forward to the Friday before Father’s Day, I saw him again. In the backyard as went to open the shades. I have never seen something like him before.

The Unknown Dog, June 18th 2021

I got his attention. He seemed untrusting of humans. We still had dogfood since Debo’s been gone (away on vacation in St. Mary’s, Georgia) and I went to grab some. I went around the front and went to look for him. I turned and there he was next to me. I tried to get him the food, but he left.

The very next day, I went to the store and got him a leash. I also went to get Bella and Casey a new one just in case, because they are going to be walked instead of roam free at this time. As I share this information with my brother, Dwayne, landlord (Dwayne’s mom, Ms. Dawson), and everyone –they suspect he is the father of Bella’s puppies. Because he was seen sniffing around her area. I didn’t think he was. As the days go by, I hoped the dog was safe and he didn’t get hurt, or returned home. Then I got the call.

It’s Father’s Day; Dwayne is down the hill grilling for the family. I’m up the hill making barbeque sauce. I go down the hi with my brother and we have a great meal and a fun time. As the evening approaches, I’m in the kitchen and see the dog has returned. I rush to grab the food and the collar I got him. I grab his attention and Dwayne pulls up on me as he returned from his parent’s house. I tell him to approach slow. We call to him and he is trepid. I tell Dwayne to grab some chicken, he grabs some. The chicken reeled him in versus the dog food I grabbed. As he comes closer, we make no sudden moves. I attached the leash to the collar and as he with Dwayne, I pet him and lock him in. He’s been captured. We tell Dwayne’s Mom and we are advised to send an alert via Nextdoor (Neighborhood App). We take him in, we tell my mother and she tells us to clean him and get him comfortable. He had ticks and fleas. After two washes, he’s okay. I feed him, as Dwayne goes to get a bed and some dog food. We embrace the boy as he needs love. When Dwayne returns we seal up the entryway to the dining room and he makes himself at home in his new bed.

Next, I take him out for a walk to get him to do the doo. He is relatively calm and easy to work with. He was definitely owned before, but by who? He was a brindle tiger striped, pretty-eyed, ear-cropped dog. Someone dropped money on him. After a week of him living with us, we did not find the owner. I tired as the time went on, but after a while, nothing.

We first called him Valor, then Dwayne named him something I forgot, but I settled on Domingo, because one day I wanted two dogs named Dom and Mingo, but he was perfect. He arrived on Sunday, so meet Domingo.

Since then, he’s been a weird case. When we take pictures of him or flash lights, his eyes don’t glow. When he lies down he plops to the floor dramatically. He is very keen on things we do and stays observing close with his human like eyes. Our running joke is he’s actually a human stuck in a dog’s body. Funnily enough, my friend T’Shauna says he is just my familiar since we dabble in the spiritual tea. Overall, we’re really surprised he just showed up at the right time and since June he’s been happy here. Playing with Casey, the remaining puppies, and the kids. He’s made himself at home. We welcome Domingo apart of my family and he’s not going anywhere.


Sometimes we’re tasked with responsibilities that we didn’t ask for. Or we did ask for them, but they come sooner than later. I was hoping to get a dog when I left my current situation and started a new. However, sometimes your blessings come early. My mom, brother and everyone loves this Tiger striped guy and nothing can change that. He compliments me and I know sometimes I get on his nerves and he gets on mine, we are definitely two peas in a pod. Thanks for coming into our lives Domingo. You show me that unconditional love is real and maybe if I get strong enough (magic wise) we can see if you really are a human in a dog’s body. (Kidding…?)


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