Creative Package (10/29/21)

What’s New?

We’ve added more resources to the site.

Under Groups:

  • Third Eye Collective – #AAPI, a professional community for South Asian creatives with career resources and desire to push representation!

Under Useful Tools:

  • No Evil Eye Cinema
  • The Underground Museum – I must say, when I found them, I somewhat cried, because the work they are doing is beautiful. Something powerful overcame me. I can’t explain, do check them out. Relaunches in 2022!
  • Transgender Film Center – They offer funding for Trans filmmakers to finisha nd show their films to the world. Pass this along to friends who might need this.

Under Employment Opportunities & Plugins:

  • Bid/Black – directory for black artists to be highlighted and hired for the advertising industry. This site helps showcase talent and create opportunities. If you feel you might benefit or need talent, come on in.
  • Seed and Spark – A crowdfunding platform and resource backpack for the independent filmmaker. Pre-pandemic I attended events they hosted at my university. I have a presentation from them that helps breakdown the Distribution Industry subset of the Movie Exhibition Industry. Reach out to me for it, I might create a second page of the Resource Tab for documents I find along the way. Might.
  • Tuesday Night Project – #AAPI

Under Applications:

  • ScriptHop – software is great for packaging all items essential for a pitch deck, lookbook, treatment & more! FREE
  • Fade In – Professional Screenwriting Software; Alternative to Final Draft; FREE, but watermarked
  • Higland – Made by writers for writers, it’s a screenwriting software which is a bit more organized and cleaner. From John August (Big Fish, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Aladdin, and more!) FREE, but watermarked.
  • Writer Duet – Alternative screenwriting software; Free but at a limit.
  • Arc Pro Studio – Alternative, free, but there’s a limit to that.
  • Writer Solo – Writer Duet’s cloudless cousin as stated by the site; alternative – acts like Celtx who also utilizes browser capability. FREE
  • Kit Scenarist – Alternative program for crating screenplays; Has a research module attached to organize material for the big write! Alternative Beat sheat method, index card format, and more! It’s FREE FREE.
  • Scenechronize – This actually is the segway into me posting Movie Magic Scheduling & Budgeting, also from Entertainment Partners and Showbiz Budgeting, because these are the very costly aplicatins that the industry uses. It’s best to get acquaintanced with them. Scenechronize is a cloud-based collaboration, document, and information management system.

Creative Spotlight

I wanted to highlight some creative minds I’ve connected with. They are some of the most wholesome and deserving of everything they ever asked for people I’ve ever met.

Jon Oscar Gary

I met Jon in my organization. At first, it was cordial, but then he gave me a phone call out of the blue and the rest is straight amazement. Jon told me, he wanted to check in with me and instill positivity in me. To galvanize me; because while I, the leader is checking on everyone else, who is checking for the leader? I’ll never forget that. Jon saw me.

Jon Gary is simply a man who leads with good energy and no ill intentions. He writes for the young audience in mind: Gen-Z, and millennials. He is a profound writer who makes witty characters and honors the culture of his city. He’s had run-ins with the great Charles Burnett, Thomas Schlamme, Shawn Levy, and more. He was like Spielberg in his youth, where he would end up on film sets and learn under somebody. This reflects his go-getter attitude and his desire to make films that tell impacting stories.

Jon is based out of Los Angeles, California, he has made a career out of filmmaking -whether it’s making independent films, or his time running with some big names back in the day during the writing and filmmaking programs. I can say we’ve been through the trenches together. We’ve submitted for WarnerMedia Access Writers Program, The Writers Guild Foundation, Disney, and so many others. We helped each other fill out the applications and manifested the best for each other at the same time. Even if we didn’t get in, it’s that energy that mattered, the countless calls to hold each other accountable, and the equivocal respect.

So, I want to shout out to Jon for giving me hope and keeping my spirits high. When you find your tribe, it’s the people who were there networking across from you. He’s going places and I’m proud to be witness to his journey.

Check out Jon’s recent short film which has placed in several film festivals:

A New Program Emerges

Not really new, but it’s open for those who want to submit: Emerging Screenwriters

Early Deadline: November 11th

It does cost, but it doesn’t hurt trying. Do your due diligence (legal), READ OVER everything, and let your voice be heard.

A Dream Preferred

I very much so want the good things to happen for me. I want them to happen for you. The power in our manifestations is real. I have been thinking deeply about the direction I’m going and I know whatever is aligned with me, will be for me. I just have to bear the course and keep pushing. It’s hard to be consistently confident, but no one said it would be easy or that every day will be the same. You just have to control how your thoughts travel. It can be a wild storm in the mind sometimes.

Good days are coming. Think of what you have. And what you don’t, claim it, it’s here. Manifest it by already owning it.


It’s always rolling around here. We are still accepting Affiliates to collaborate and support. We want to show people your stuff too.

Resources are updated on a weekly basis. Always check back and if not, take what you want and go. I’ll be posting more contests and festivals at the top of the year to create a master list so people are in the know.

In the future after some careful selections, I will also be posting non-film resources, because we are the world, right? So, this should not just be for filmmakers, but people on this journey we call life.


“Until lions have their own historians, the hunters will always be glorified.”

Ethiopian Proverb

“Limits and fear are illusions.”

— Michael Jordan

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison

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