Creative Package (11/17/21)

What’s New?

Added some new resources to the site. The theme is women’s empowerment. Take advantage of these here.

In Groups

  • Women in Media
  • Alliance of Women Directors

In Useful Tools

  • Cinereach
  • FilmDaily.TV – hub for grants and information for filmmakers raising funds or needing to professionalize their apporach.
  • Film Independent — also home to Project Involve
  • The Writers Lab NYC (Women-led)
  • Couch Film Collective (Women-led)
  • Women Make Moves
  • Inspirational Design Resource
  • Women and Hollywood

In Employment Opportunities & Plugins

  • Find Film Work
  • Day Play
  • BAD WEST – Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers
  • Half Initiative
  • Cast and Crew of Color

Diverse Representation and Representation?

Looking for sports and entertainment agents, attorneys, managers, publicists, and financial advisors. Check out Diverse Representation. (link above)

On that topic, a friend has requested that we share information on getting an Entertainment Attorney and how to go about getting one. I legally can’t tell you that kind of information, but I can share some things I found.

Blake & Wang P.A. – Entertainment Law Firm

Recommended Reading:

Also recommended, ask questions, do not solicit for legal advice because eyou know they have to be paid, try to ask around that. Then see if you want their business then you may proceed.

Programs and Education

Emerging Screenwriters Regular Deadline by Jan. 13th

Stage 32 hosts Black Boy Writes/ Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative

  • In its second year, Stage 32 teams up with Mike Gauyo to mentor Black writers who want to break into the industry. The program sign-up opened Nov. 15th and closes Dec. 15th. Be sure to sign into Stage 32 and sign up or create and account and sign up. It’s free. Take your shot.
Mike Gauyo (Insecure, Ginny & Georgia)

VIS SOCIAL IMPACT due November 19th at 11:59 p.m.


Beyond the Binary: Fluid Writers’ room, led by South African film director, writer and actor Thishiwe Ziqubu (Instagram: @thishiwe | Twitter: @thishiweziqubu), will run weekly for 4 months between January and April 2022 and aims to create content geared towards change agency in equity, global health and climate change.

VIS Social Impact page
From website.


I know it’s hard, but be happy for others when they succeed. We all need support from time to time. Support yourself and others will hopefully follow and support you too. I recently turned 25 and I had expectations, but they are slow in coming. Doesn’t mean they aren’t coming, though. I just feel like I’m a late bloomer from time to time. Everybody is moving but me, but I guess that is part of this wilderness period. I’ll emerge. You’ll emerge. We will soar far above and greet the friends we missed in the sky.

I hope to have more stuff for you soon. Keep going.

“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change is mind.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

“The world is like a mirror, you see? Smile, and your friends smile back.”

Zen Proverb

“Success isn’t something you chase. It’s something you have to put forth the effort for constantly. Then it’ll come when you least expect it.”

Michael Jordan

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