Creative Package (1/7/22)

Happy New Year!

So, we made it to the new year. We’ve been on hiatus because honestly I and the gang have been going through it. But, I mustered up some courage to update on what’s happening to the company and the world. So, I am loving that people are getting something out of the Resources, but the hunt for more things to help the creative folk begins now. I stated I think, in a previous post that I will create a master list of all the fellowships this year. This will be something that I’ll set on a timer and update as they pass and restart until I get an assistant to handle the biz for me. Manifest the best, please!

So, about the year…we plan on dropping like three short films and submitting them to festivals. I’m going to be realistic and say that is going to happen. I also plan on moving this year, so on to bigger and better. I also am looking for ways to make this site more interactive so that the user gets more out of it.

Share with Me

How to Format a Comic Book Script: Here

Sample of Comic Script Formatting:

Expressions in Writing: Here

I wrote Something

Last year I wrote a lot, but several scripts I cannot upload, so I’m sharing access to some full scripts on the About Us Page.

They are:

  1. Perhaps the World Ends Here (1/2 of a Double Feature; Magnitude & Bond coming soon; 2021)
    1. Invitation for Feedback, please!
    2. A family divided comes together one Thanksgiving to address the issues and hopefully find peace.
  2. We’ll Always Have Whatever That Was (2021)
    1. A man desperate to love and an emotionally unavailable woman don’t see eye to eye on what to define their relationship.
  3. Moira’s Interlude (2021)
    1. An eccentric young lesbian in the heart Harlem must brave the socio-cultural shift and transform herself in preparation for the rush of real-life or she’ll remain stuck in an unchanging, volatile environment
  4. Atlanta Spec Script: “MILE HIGH DUB” (2022)
    1. My frist written piece of the new year!
    2. Follow Earn, Alfred, and Darius as they descend upon Amsterdam.


Honestly, I’m not that plugged in on the #WritingCommunity drama, but I do know one thing I have met some wonderful people in the filmmaking space and I wouldn’t trade wanting to work with them ever. I met some who’ve given me hope and helped me make new friends. Please find the right people and do your due diligence, there are some monsters out there.

American Black Film Festival

Update: I’m going to dedicate the next post to cover my thoughts on the select films I watched at the American Black Fim Festival. I want to share the films and their platforms so you can support these artists in any way.

Insecure Finale

I will dedicate a post to all about Season 5 of Insecure and the series as a whole. I have to gather my thoughts and still process this ending. I don’t think I’ll be over it, but I must get these words out.


I am serious about making this happen this year and dedicating more time to the company when I’m in a better place. I’ll always champion for the creative folk, but I also have to keep championing me. I’ll do my best and as always I’m rooting for the lot of you.

“Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want.”

Helen Heller

“Do not let what you canot do interfere with what you can do.”

Coach John Wooden

“We find in life exactly what we put into it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The world is like a mirror, you see? Smile, and your friends smile back.”

Zen Proverb

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