Creative Package (10/9/21)

What’s New?

We’ve added a ton of new resources to the site. There is a catalog of more in the queue, so by next Friday, we’ll have more!

Let’s get into it, shall we? #FilmResources

Under the Groups Section:

  1. Black Women Film Network – Check for events, even though they don’t pop-off often, it’s still an organization that is always accepting members and they have resources.
  2. Film Family (Atlanta) – I know some wonderful people who have come out of this organization and now their flying high.
  3. LGBT Film Crew Network
  4. Lions Share – more for our musical Asian creatives, but do support.
  5. Changing Womxn Collective – for women and non-binary BIPOC can come together and shar their art.
  6. The Storyteller Session – a community for serious creatives, hosts meetings, table-reads and is all bout finding your tribe.

Under Useful Tools:

  1. Black Girl Film School
  2. Made in Her Image
  3. Shades of Noir
  4. Array NOW – Events and Resources for the independent spirit.
  5. Firelight Media TV
  6. House of Pentacles
  7. Asian American Collective #DopeAsians –
  8. Asian American Writers Workshop
  9. GLAAD Transgender Media
  10. Starz #TakeTheLead – their events are insightful, follow them for key changes, STARZ is making strides in premium network diversity changes.
  11. Latino Filmmakers Network
  12. Cousin Collective – for Indigenous & Native American creatives
  13. LGBT Film Resource List – curated by Jenni Olsen

Under Employment Opportunities & Plug-Ins:

  1. Black N’ Animated – podcast for black artists pursuing a career in animation. Hosted by
  2. Black Women Directors – curated and created by Dana Scruggs; it’s a database of nonbinary femmes and black women who are movers and shakers in the industry.
  3. Minorities in Film – for disabled (differently-abled, preferably) and people of different races & ethnicities.
  4. The Creative Collective NYC – subscribe to the newsletter and check out what they have to offer. Also #CultureCon is through them!
  5. APANO – Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon is dedicated to boosting and supporting AAPI creatives & artists.
  6. Kollaboration – A site dedicated to AAPI communities.
  7. NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers
  8. HOLA – Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors
  9. SHINE Network – a digital platform created to empower indigenous women in film.

Follow the Instagram page to see our spotlights and get the news in one place or the other. *UPDATE as of 10/8/2021 the IG page was disabled due to a bug on Instagram where accounts are being terminated I’m trying to get it back, butin the event of failure I’ll make a new one. *

New Affiliate

Zoey Walker (She/They)

Meet Zoey Walker, our new Affiliate at the top of the month! They are a producer, director, writer, and all-around filmmaker! Their goal is to bring more positive and authentic queer representation to all aspects of filmmaking. They have experience in all parts of the production process and have worked on short, films, feature films, and episodic series. They are seeking to collaborate with like-minded individuals to tell stories that are not typical in mainstream media.

Dwayne Young

Dwayne Young was featured on our Instagram page as our first Affiliate for the month of September. As we are looking to connect with more creatives, we will be in touch with those who are looking to grow together!

Dwayne is an Atlanta-based DP/Cinematographer who has many years of experience in the business. He has worked on sets like Netflix’s Dumplin, STAR on Fox, Rae Sremmurd Music Videos, Complex, and more. He has even produced and created his own work with very well-run sets and Producing experience. Dwayne has his own production company, F56, and is looking to relaunch with a catalog of short films and collaborative work in the 2022-2023 season. Dwayne is also a classically trained Actor who has studied in Tennesee, France, and around Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find links to his work on his site. Dwayne is always looking for a challenge, mentally and creatively. If you’re in the need of a Director of Photography he is the man! You can find his socials on the Affiliates page.


I got two for you today. One for Animation folks and the other for Indigenous Latinx and Afro Latinx Folks. WarnerMedia Access Animated Shorts is due by October 24th. LALIFF by October 14th. Be quick fast, tedious, and go with your spirit.

WarnerMedia Access Animated Shorts

The HBO Max X WarnerMedia Access Animated Shorts Program provides underrepresented creators who have not had the opportunity to create an original work for a network or streamer, with access to WarnerMedia’s powerful suite of creative talent and resources.

WarnerMedia Access Page

DUE by October 24th.


Visionary filmmakers who identify as Afro Latino or Indigenous Latino are invited to apply for the second edition of the Inclusion Fellowship. The ten selected participants will receive $20,000 each and mentorship from industry professionals to complete their films. Completed films will premiere at LALIFF 2022.

The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Due by October 14th.

Creative Chew

We’re highlighting excellence here! Here are some channels to binge content from.

  1. BlackOUT Company: Chill. The Series
    1. Created by Xandria and produced by Whitney Nelson, Chill. tells the story of Alex who navigates newfound queerdom, handling relationships between lovers and friends, and jumpstarting her career.
  1. SCALES the Web Series.
    1. Created by the amazing Patrick Ladonis. I was in a meeting one day and a link fell in my dash and I went to watch it and I must say it;s a good series. It tells the story of Remy Howard who is drawn to complicated people and relationships. It’s set in Atlanta and shows you a mundane side of the city.
  1. BlackOakTV
    1. It’s a steaming service I’d like to highlight on the come up. Black creators did what y’all been vying for, created a steaming platform exclusively for us and by us. It’s for emerging black talent who plan and will serve up original digital series that you won’t find anywhere else. Fellows like Dormtainment, FUNarios, King V and more are home here. I think it deserves our support.
  1. The Progenies a twist on Disney’s Descendants
    1. Created by the talented Nicole Johnson a.k.a Harriyanna “this is her priate ship, also known as Harry Hook’s pirate ship, and you are not her first mate” Hook on YouTube. It’s about a look into the “privileged yet broken kids at Auradon Prep” and their lives on the daily. It’s a fan sereis and loosley based on the Descendants, but more realistic and colorful -if you know what I mean.
    2. IMDb:

They are all wonderful and have something to offer a creative. Inspiration. There are people out here doing the thing like Issa Rae did and still is doing, and we should recognize that. So, tell someone you see them doing the work and you see them then offer your support (any kind). It goes a long way.

How to get more out of the Site

Honestly, you’re here for the resources, and that is fine, but I also know some resources may have paywalls and prices. I say, take the free route until you know that is what is aligned with you. Then measure a thousand times and cut once. The only thing I ask, please make meaningful connections and work with the people across from you. We’re here to grow together and if you want to walk alone, so be it. We all walk this path in some kind of way. I see you and hope for the best.

I’m planning to create some way for people to talk and communicate here, whether that be Discord or some chat place. We could make a giant group chat, but I would like it to be organized in some way. I don’t know, I’ll see where my mind takes me. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to tell me.

If you’re still looking for an Affiliate or some support, I’m here. I want to get you in front of great people who need to see the work you’re doing. This is how we build community. The more I learn about you, the more I see an opportunity that may not fit me, but I see it’s great for Dwayne, or Zoey, or somebody!


So, some updates about what the company is up to. In the coming months after some research…I’m going to propose to A24 a silly idea to open their 3rd headquarters here in Atlanta. I wanted to draft up a detailed document of how that would be beneficial. It was just something random and on the fly, but evolved into something serious. Updates on how that goes. Even if it’s just for fun, I think drafting up documents such as these is an entertaining exercise for business negotiations.

And later, I might discuss the CAA and ICM Merger and how that benefitted both due to market share, how new agencies are on the horizon, and consolidation of the agencies is not surprising due to the business of the business (aka all the mergers that occurred in the last few years).


I hope that every creative that reads this takes advantage of what’s in front of them. You are so equipped, it’s not even funny. You already got it. to quote some friends:

“You have the power to create, so why not you?”

LaToya Okungbowa

“You can compare yourself out of an opportunity or you can collaborate on something amazing.”

Shaquayla Mims

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